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Art & Museums: Meet Liara.

We enable you to offer your visitors a truly digital experience and change the way art is perceived. Our AI based solution Liara helps you to share any kind of information with your visitors. Taking a picture of an art piece through our Web-App Liara will guide them to everything they need to know, listen and see. 

Image by Ståle Grut
Liara Marketing Video WebApp Doppio
Liara Marketing Video Cockpit

We partnered up with Museum zu Allerheiligen and revolutionized the way art is perceived and enjoyed. Through Shaire and our visual AI, visitors are able to just take pictures of the art pieces and receive all information directly on their phones. The museum could edit texts until the last second -- a feature unthinkable of without the use of our web-app. No more non-functioning audio guides, no more waste of paper, no more signs with uncomfortably small font size, but a truly digital experiences embracing the beauty of art.

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