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Meet Liara.

The Smart (Art) Guide.

The one-fits-all tool for your museum.

Everything you need. In one simple app.

Engage your visitors with interactive information about artwork, with our ready-to-use AI-based web app.

How does it work?
As simple as it can be. 

Liara explained 1.jpg

You sit back and relax while they explore your exhibitions!

Your visitors take pictures of any artwork and receive instant information through the Web App.

Liara explained 3.jpg

1. Your visitor scans a QR code at the entrance of your museum or gallery.

2. The visitor will automatically be redirected to our Web App.

Liara explained 2.jpg

Liara recognizes the artwork and displays all information and knowledge you wish to share with your visitors.


Regardless of format:

information on the artist, audio files of interviews or videos, and links.

Liara is smooth to set up and ready to go within a couple of hours. 

You provide us with photos of your art objects.

You share the related information with us.

You share the link to Liara with your visitors.

We give you access to our content management system (CMS), which you can use to easily upload photos of your art objects. If you use a database, we will integrate it into our system. By the way, in case you don´t work with a database yet: Liara can also be used as a database and offers all features and even more! 

Next, you can use the CMS to upload all information and knowledge that you want to share with your customer. Be it texts, audio files, videos, or links - there are no limits! Once we get all the data, we will train Liara, and ready is your personal AI-based Web-App! We will translate all the data into +40 languages and offer you text-to-speech services. 

Your Web-App will be ready within a couple of hours. You can personalize it with your logo and corporate identity and also embed it into your homepage. Just share the link with your visitors (e.g. QR code at the entrance) and let them experience art in an exciting and digital manner. 

This could be your visitor's digital experience:

We partnered up with Museum zu Allerheiligen and Curator Julian Denzler and revolutionized how art is perceived and enjoyed. Through Shaire and our visual AI Liara, visitors are able just to take pictures of the art pieces and receive all information directly on their phones. 

Instant AI-based information about artwork and exhibitions -
no more complicated audio guides or paperwork!

Our partners:

Want to join the club? Contact us today. 

Easy and straightforward set-up process:

Liara offers you many advantages and makes your everyday life easier.

Easy implementation.

Less effort.

Maximal flexibility.

Time savings.

Cost savings.

Automated translation.

Your personal AI

Your personal AI that we train and optimize for you. Smart and accurate. 

Instant syncronization

Text-to-speech feature included. AI-based and with real voices.

Your own Web-App

Your personalized Web-App with your logo and your corporate identity. 

Data analytics

Insights into your customer behavior and usage. Anonymous and powerful.

Reliable translation

Translation of your information into 42 languages. Fast and reliable. 

Central data base

All your art information and content at in a central place. digital and structured. 

We offer you the full package.

Interested in meeting Liara?

Schedule a free demo, explore your options, or ask us anything.

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