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Art Museum

We enable you to offer your visitors a truly digital experience and change the way art is perceived. Our AI-based solution helps you to share any kind of information about your art pieces with your visitors. Taking a picture of an art piece through our Web-App will guide them to everything they need to know, listen and see. 

Make your offline media digital and enrich every picture with online content behind it. Our AI empowers you to revolutionize the way print media is perceived and brings new ways of sharing content with customers. By taking a picture of anything in a magazine, the customer will be directed to further information, like shop links, videos, blog posts etc.

Stack of Magazines
Men on Construction Site

Improve your efficiency and time spend on sharing information and instruction with construction workers. Overcome language barriers and geographical differences by giving instructions and information any time, any where and in your preferred language through our AI solution and your workers can efficiently receive all your sharing in any language - as text or speech.

Modern Interior Design

We revolutionize interior experience by leveraging our technology to enrich your pieces with content behind them. No more price tags, labels and measure tapes, but solely our interior. We provide the rest. Let your customers make pictures of your pieces and get all relevant information, save the pieces for later or directly order them.

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